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Nanny's Place for Parents

Pregnancy Links More Links for Parents

More Links for Parents

Adoption, Family Planning, Infertility, Grief and Loss CircumcisionOther Topics Children's Health SitesOther Parenting Sites

Nanny’s Notes is no longer being published.

Please visit my blog for more parenting and breastfeeding articles.

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Adoption, Family Planning, Infertility, Grief and Loss

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  • Info about circumcision
  • Circumcision Information Page
  • NOHARMM, the National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males), a national, non-violent, direct action network of men organized against routine infant circumcision.
  • A commercial site about Earth's best baby food, the nation's only organic baby food
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    Nursing Mother Supplies

    Other Topics

    • Kinder Toilet Training--The best, most efficient toilet training is none at all! Written by a mother who has fully "trained" six children.
    • What Newborns Really Want--Infant care with a focus on breastfeeding, the family bed and natural parenting.
    • Fluoride Information has everything you ever wanted to know about researching fluoride. Children can be poisoned by the amount of fluoride in toothpaste and juice.
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    Children's Health Sites

    • The Points of Pediatric Interest page at Johns Hopkins University is a comprehensive and well-designed collection of links to information on all aspects of children's health care and related issues.
    • The PEDINFO pediatrics web site at the Lister Hill Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is an organized compilation of internet resources of interest to pediatricians, parents, and others concerned about child health. It includes a wonderful resource for parents of children with special needs. You'll find both general resources and information on specific topics, such as Spina bifida, SIDS, Sinusitis and more.
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    Other Parenting Sites

    • Parentsoup , a destination for all kinds of parents who share a passion for raising their children well.
    • The National Parenting Center
    • Baby Web: The Internet Parenting Resource
    • ParentsPlace.Com, a parenting resource center on the web, provides articles and book excerpts in their Reading Rooms, electronic dialog in their chat rooms and unique buying opportunities in their mall stocked exclusively with parenting and childcare products.
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    Pregnancy Links More Links for Parents

    Nanny’s Place Home Nanny's Notes Breastfeeding Corner For Parents Health and Safety Articles

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